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Checkmate in 10!

View on Chess Board: Here. You can play the game with the following functions:

If you press Presentation Mode

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You can move the pieces on the Chess Board

If you press Learning Mode

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You can Train the Openings and Games

If you press Analysis Mode

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You can get an analysis with whites position calculated in Pawns +/-  for each move

Opening Database with all Recognized Chess Openings

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Well you won’t win a chess game purely based on the opening but you can get well of by studying and playing the openings here also to avoid lethal opening traps. The middle game and the endgame does the final trick. That’s why we also have Middle Game Tactics, Rated Chess Puzzels, Checkmate Training and Endgame Strategy.


Middle Game Tactics


Approx. 2.000 Middle Game Tactics for Chess Openings


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All other Tactics and Checkmate Training

Opening Traps – Tricks & Traps – Tactical Combinations – FIDE Top 100 Puzzels – Checkmate Training and more

Play Rated Live Chess Games 24/7 in 30 different languages


End Games

End Game Positions to Train and Master – Pandolfinis End Game Course – Rook End Games – Puzzels – Nalimovs End Game DB and more


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