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 Please notice you can move the Pieces in Presentation mode

Advanced/Passed Pawn

  In this game ‘Botvinnik’ get a passed pawn in move 27.




 A piece is attracted to a square. In this game ‘Lakser’ force the King to a Square by Queen Gambit in move 11 by check.

In move 12 a double attack. If blacks King goes back to h8 then he’s mated straight away.



Avoiding Stalemate

 Even if you’re left with a Queen you can still fail and make a stalemate.

If Queen moves to h6 it’s a stalemate, so keep checking until mate if possible!




 Block is a defend move like to block a check. However in this game the block with Bishop move 6. Be6 is fatal for black.

The Bishop get pinned. If Bxg4 in move 11 it will be checkmate with white Bishop c4! 13.Bxe6#



Capturing Guard

 Move 33. Both Knight and Rook now defend Square f2 but with Kramniks move in 35. RxNd1 it’s game set & match.

If whites Rook takes Rook d1 then Blacks response will be Qf2! (37.. Qxg2#)




 With move 24. Nh7 White is preparing to clear things up and in a few moves blacks Queen is lost and White will make a Checkmate latest in move 32! Try it 😎 in Presentation mode




 The material is even but with the right calculations, white can make a difference in his favour.

Try calculate from move 17. d5! If you get it right black have lost. You can turn on training from move 17 (…)




 This is to move the opponents piece to a place where it’s vulnerable to another tactical motif. Often the King is the target.

In this Game Bronstein forces Bannik to take Rook on h1 otherwise Queen is exposed.

However King on h1 is now running into a Fork and loses his Queen.



Counter Attack

 This is to strike back with an attack. ‘Traxler’ was one of the first to use it. The Kings weak square f7 is under attack in move 4. However black makes an excellent counter attack in move 5 and Bishop strikes back taking pawn f2+ !!

Traxler win the game with extra ordinary moves to follow.



Defensive Move

 From move 19. Blacks Rook have a X-Ray attack on Whites King. Defensive move 25. Rook to f6 and blocking King attack.

Even pinned, the Rook have a X-Ray attack against Whites King. 26. Bxf3 and now comes the Queen h3+.

The Bishop is history and Black wipe out White, who is left with a Rook in the End Game and Checkmate.




 A situation where you’re forced to move while being attacked but can make a better situation out of it.

Like here where black will gain a Rook with ‘Deperado’ 21.Qd2. Threat checkmate Qb2. Rook have to take. Followed by NxRd2 .. BxQh5.



Discover Attack

In this game White makes a discover attack with move 24. f4 and Rook is taken by Bishop and Queen will go as well.