Tricks and Traps



Move a piece away from a field it’s protecting.


Black distracts by RxNe4 to make the Bishop move away from protecting the field e2.

If white jumps into the trap (BxRe4) then King & Queen will get a fork.


Only sensible move white can do is to play Qd2 and due to distraction have lost a Knight.



Double Check

In move 24 Kramnik could have played Nh6 .. double check just for demonstration.

However in this situation Knight d8 followed up with Queen e7 is a much stronger move. Checkmate threat.



Fork/Double Attack

 In this game black forces a double attack against white.

After move 37. Qg1+! (King have to take or Whites Queen is gone) comes the attack with the deadly fork/double attack.



Hanging Pawn

 In this game ‘Vasily’ get a hanging pawn, which ‘Karpov’ can strike in move 30. Due to a pin on the other pawn!




 In move 15. e6 the pawn interfer and make a break to the King area.



Overloaded piece

 Move 26: Rook on f8 is in trouble and overloaded. It can’t take the Queen then it’s checkmate.

Black gives up due the fact that he will be mated in a few moves.



Perpetual Check

 It’s a draw given by 3 times repetition check. This is one of the fastest games .. 12 moves.