Tricks and Traps



 Black got into a pin when white move 31. Rd1 and if this was not enough white makes another pin after blacks e4 32. Bf4.

Nice attack by Mr. Adams.



Quiet Move

 Petrosians quite but deadly move 21. Bg7.

A quite move don’t take or capture pieces but takes control over squares!

This quite move will lead to a Checkmate in 4 moves and black resigned.




 Move 13. Bxh6 ‘Sergey Smagin’ sacrifies his Bishop but smashes blacks pawn structure.

Don’t underestimate the psychology effect. Black’s King is exposed after 15.Qxh6+




 From move 33 Chigorin simplifies his game and exchange everything possible.

Chigorin is superior with a pawn up in the endgame.




 This is close to a pin but leads to a piece being captured.

Keres starts with a check in move 20. Nxb6+ and after Kc7 comes the Rook on c3 and pin the Queen.



Trapped Piece

 Except the King the best piece you can trap is for sure the Queen as you know.

In this case it’s the Knight being caught by move 22. f4. No where to go!



Weak Back Rank

 In move 18. Qd8 Wolfgang takes advantage of blacks weak back rank and put the King in cross fire.

Not much black can do except lose an officer and later the game.




This tactical technique is the situation where your position will be worse if you move a piece.

After blacks move 37.Re3 white really can’t move a piece other than weaken the position. Quite stuck.

Turn on Analysis Engine and remember you can move pieces in presentation mode.




Whites Bishop is under attack


White tries a smart move Qg3 to pin the Knight and X-Ray the Queen


However the calculations and tactics are wrong!

Knight can move and take the Bishop and also cover the Queen.




X-Ray Attack

 This is when an Officer attacks a piece through both own and the opponents pieces.

In the situation shown both Bishop and Rook have x-ray attack on the King.

X-Ray Attack-1

Blacks King move away from the attack before it’s to late.

Pieces in front of the King can suddenly disappear.

X-Ray Attack-2

White follow up and make a new X-Ray attack on blacks King with Rook h1 and blacks Bishop is under attack as well.

X-Ray Attack-3




This is when you make an inbetween move. In most cases the opponent don’t notice what happens and why.

White think he can luer blacks Rook away, so he can make a back rank mate.
Now black check the King. Making an option for black in next move.
White loses his Queen and mate is out of the question because blacks Queen now cover the back rank field c8!